The Commitment

Weiner Construction Company, LLC is committed to providing quality construction services to its clients. The management of Weiner Construction believes that construction is more than just erecting a building. It understands there are many components to construction that go well beyond construction. Quality construction requires a commitment to quality sub-contractors and components to improve after completion maintenance and property management. Weiner Construction is accustom to working with lending institutions and providing proper documentation easing the burden of developers, property managers and building owners.
Weiner Construction Company, LLC brings together comprehensive real estate services to the construction industry with over 20 years of development experience. Weiner Construction understands the cost benefit analysis required to make construction business decisions. This allows our clients to build quality business environments with effective designs.
Weiner Construction Company, LLC utilizes this total knowledge and experience for its clients. Weiner Construction Company is committed to providing quality service, competitive pricing on a budget and on time to provide the best possible construction projects.


A Little History

Weiner Construction Company, LLC was founded in 2003 with the primary goal of providing construction services for The Weiner Companies and its affiliates. Today, Weiner Construction Company provides these same quality services to both The Weiner Companies and unrelated third party developers. The company is experienced in obtaining both site building and certificate of occupancy permits from municipalities throughout Southwest Florida.
Weiner Construction Company is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida. The company has completed projects for Tire Kingdom, Dollar General, Foster’s Grille, condominium developers, physician practices, general retailers and offices spaces. Weiner Construction is committed to providing quality construction, on-time and within budget. The company applies sound business principles allowing Weiner Construction to deliver quality projects at competitive prices. The staff at Weiner Construction recognizes the importance of open communication with its customers through the entire construction process.
Weiner Construction Company’s mission is to achieve profitable, sustained and manageable growth by providing building solutions for its customers.
Weiner Construction Company’s decisions are guided by principles that establish a standard of excellence that benefits our customers and our employees.